Lapal Curriculum Intent and implementation

‘Our curriculum is designed to provide experiences that build a rich understanding of key knowledge and skills by engaging children and developing their curiosity through exploration, as well as developing their character and learning behaviours so that they become successful lifelong learners’.


Engagement, experiences and exploration

Our children are encouraged to be inquisitive learners by providing opportunities to investigate, problem solve and explore through first hand experiences so that they develop a love of learning. Examples include;

  • Learning ‘hooks’ via engagement stage 

  • Planned visits, visitors, use of artefacts, real life experiences

  • Local history and field studies in every phase

  • Engagement in cultural activities including sports, music and the arts

  • UPSE


Building key knowledge and skills

In order for children to build a rich understanding of key knowledge and skills our curriculum is sequential and provides layered learning opportunities in order to revisit and build on prior learning. We support the development of this with;

  • Knowledge organisers

  • A carefully constructed curriculum map

  • Key milestones outlined for each phase

  • Quizzes/POP tasks (proof of progress)

  • Schema charts to assess what children know already, form learning links and identify misconceptions


Developing positive learning behaviours

We develop children’s learning behaviours so that they become effective learners. We want our children to be resilient in order to deal with different challenges, persevere to solve problems without giving up, seek ways to self-improve and enjoy learning. We want to equip our children for their chosen pathway in life by allowing them to make mistakes and learn from these in a safe environment. We also encourage independence so that they can go on to become successful lifelong learners. We do this through;

  • Use of pupil planners to develop independence

  • Learning review weeks – personalised targets and recognition of achievements every 6 weeks so pupils have ownership of their own learning

  • School values – perseverance, excellence (be the best you can be)

  • Self and peer assessment opportunities

  • Independent study opportunities via open ended homework challenges

  • Opportunities to make choices, form opinions and develop interests and aspirations


Developing character - (world citizens, healthy individuals, environmentally aware, creative & confident communicators)

Our children develop skills and values in order to work and communicate well with others, appreciate equality and diversity and prepare them for life in the modern world in which we live. We expect children to build strong relationships and appreciate their roles and responsibilities as part of local, national and global communities.

We provide an environment that enables children to be feel safe and happy and value their own self-worth in an atmosphere of support, trust and mutual respect. We develop their character so that they are thoughtful world citizens, healthy individuals, environmentally aware and creative and confident communicators. We achieve this in the following ways;

  • School values – kindness, cooperation, honesty

  • Character education

  • Opportunities to work with others beyond our school community

  • Charitable work and fundraising

  • GREAT ways to wellbeing

  • Opportunities to perform each year

  • Global links