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‘Our home learning resources and activities are designed to support our children’s wellbeing and ensure that they have the best chance possible of retaining what they have learned over the course of the academic year’.



What are the aims of the learning projects?

Lapal’s home learning projects have been created to ensure that our children continue to benefit from opportunities to learn whilst school is closed as part of the Government’s initiative to restrict the spread of COVID-19 (Cornoavirus). Our intention is that pupils will complete tasks form the home learning project each day across the week to ensure that they have the best chance of retaining what they have learned over the course of the academic year.

What is the content of the learning projects?

Our home learning tasks provide learning opportunities across the whole curriculum. Weekly tasks are provided for Maths and English (Reading, SPaG and Writing) linked to the National Curriculum expectations for each year group along with wider subjects like Science, Geography, Art, Music and German. Some of these activities also link to our knowledge organisers, enabling pupils to continue to cover Lapal’s intended curriculum. As well-being is such a priority at Lapal, we also provide a range of opportunities linked to mental health and Lapal’s 5 GREAT ways to well-being, ensuring that our pupils have time to take care of their physical and mental health during this time of isolation.


In addition, we have provided links to a range of websites that support families during this time of isolation. This again, will enable families to choose the best approach to their home learning using these resources, as appropriate, to support this. These include some of DfE recommended sites like BBC Bitesize, Oak National Academy, Maths Factor and Jane Considine. To support the use of these further, staff are also including some of these activities as part of the weekly home learning tasks.


How often will the learning projects be published?

In response to parental feedback, home learning tasks are placed on the school website and Google classrooms each Friday to enable parents who are still working or have other commitments, to plan out the week ahead, ensuring their child completes a range of the home learning tasks set by their teachers.

Feedback over the first few weeks indicated that parents and pupils wished to communicate with their teachers, therefore Lapal spent some time setting up Google Classrooms to enable this to happen. As a result, we now have an additional platform to share work and activities set by teachers and the ability to share work, videos and photos in virtual classrooms to maintain communication between home and school.


How are the projects set out?

In order for the school to produce the learning projects in a period of illness across the country, and taking into account that our own staff maybe become affected, we decided projects should be aimed at wider age groups rather than the specific year your child attends at school such as year 1 pupils would use the Key stage 1 (year 1 & 2) home learning project. This enables us to ensure that we can produce the highest quality of home learning opportunities which cater for the majority of children.


How do I use the learning projects?

The aim of these learning projects is for families to dip in and out and choose the activities they will complete over the week. We are not identifying how many lessons, hours or pieces of work that need completing by pupils as this will depend on individual circumstances at home. Therefore, to keep it flexible and user-friendly, we have suggested activities that do not require the printing of worksheets but can be completed in the children’s homework books or online via suggested websites. This means that the tasks can be accessed by all and can be used to suit families in whatever way they choose to plan out their week of learning.


What happens if my child finds learning too difficult or too easy?

As with all generic work set, there are elements that children may find too easy or too difficult – if this is the case, parents can encourage their child to have a go at the element that they are finding too hard and then, if needs be, move on to different tasks. Where a child finds the work too easy then they have the option of trying a learning project from the year group above, although we only ask parents to do this if the work consistently proves to be too easy.


If your child has special education needs and has a EHCP in place, more tailored work will be provided. If you are struggling, please contact school in order to speak with Miss Tolley (SEND co-ordinator)

Please refer to your child's year group and the specified week to access the learning.

There are also additional resources and links to websites for further home learning activities. 


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