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  • Year 1 Christingles

    Published 23/11/23

    In Year One RE lessons, we have been learning all about how Christians celebrate Christmas.  We learnt that Christingles are used by some Christians in church during the time of Advent, to celebrate the birth of Jesus and Jesus as the Light of the World. 

    We also learnt that each part of the Christingles has a special meaning behind it: 

    The word Christingle means 'Christ's light'.  

    Candle- Jesus is the light of the world. 

    Orange- The world. 

    Red Ribbon- Christ’s blood and God’s love. 

    4 Sticks- 4 seasons  

    Sweets- God’s creation. 


    Look how amazing my Christingle looks!  



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  • British National Ballroom & Latin Championships Achievement

    Published 21/11/23

    One of our pupils took part in the British National Ballroom & Latin Championships in Blackpool at the weekend and competed in 10 competitions.

    The most prestigious of these was the British National Closed Solo Championship, in which she had to dance Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Quickstep and Viennese Waltz back to back.  Approximately 50 girls from the UK and Europe were in this competition and Zoe got through all of the rounds to get to the final.  In the final she achieved a highly respectable 7th place.

    As well as ballroom, she entered the following Latin competitions - Cha Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba and Jive.  Again, all of the entrants were the best Latin dancers in the country.

    She finished the day with the following results -

    4 x 4th Places

    1 x 5th Place

    1 x 6th Place

    1 x 7th Place

    5 x Semi-final Places

    We are super proud of you. Well done!



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  • Sign of the Week - To Eat

    Published 13/11/23


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  • EYFS Armistice Day

    Published 13/11/23

    EYFS created their own memorial wreaths for Armistice Day this week. We learnt that remembrance day is a special day to commemorate those who fought to protect their country and took part in a silence to think about those who keep us safe.

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  • Year One RE

    Published 06/11/23

    As part of our RE learning, Year One visited St Peters Church on Thursday 26th October. We took a look around the inside the church, identifying key Christian features, how these features are set out and used.  This was a great opportunity to experience the inside of the church through our own eyes.

    “The pews are where we sit.”

    “The font is where we baptised.”

    “The candles mean, Jesus is the light of the world.”

    Well done Year One! 




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  • Tables Rock Stars Battle Winners

    Published 27/10/23


    Team Lapal were the winners of the Times Tables Rock Stars Battle, with Year 4 and 5 beating 6 other schools to be crowned overall champions. As a reward, children were invited to wear their own clothes or dress like a rock star. Our children showed amazing teamwork and we are very proud of them.



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  • Year 1 Science

    Published 13/10/23

    Year One have been working hard in their science lessons learning about Autumn. Miss Murphy, Mrs Rizzo and Mrs Wright gave the children a question to answer:

    How much does it rain in October?

    To find out the answer, the children listened carefully on how to make a rain catcher. We have put the rain catchers outside our classroom where we are measuring how much rain there is each day. We have been super measurers. Look how fantastic our rain catchers look.



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  • What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Omegle #WakeupWednesday

    Published 11/10/23



    We will regularly share free online safety guides provided by National Online Safety (NOS) as this is part of our commitment to keeping all children and families safe online. 

    This week the focus of our #WakeupWednesday is - What Parents Need to Know About Omegle. Whilst this is blocked at school, we have been notified that some primary aged children in the local Dudley area have viewed inappropriate material on this site at home, so we thought it important to share information.  These sites also offer further information about Omegle: 

    Helpful advice for families:

    • Ask your child what websites they are accessing 
    • Check your child’s device history  
    • Ask your child if they are using any live chat apps 
    • Don’t mention Omegle directly as we don’t want to signpost it to the children if they are not aware of it. 
    • If your child tells you that they have been on Omegle – please ask them about it to find out more
    • Check for apps and their age restriction 
    • Look for apps that allow any sort of live chat and remove them from their phone
    • Block Omegle in your security settings on your child’s device



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  • Year 1 Design and Technology

    Published 10/10/23

    On Monday, Year One were super busy planning their moving pictures.

    We took a trip outside to see what transport we could hear or see to help us inspire what we can use for our moving pictures. We were very lucky to hear lorries, motorbikes, cars, buses and we even saw a helicopter!

    Back inside, we planned what our moving pictures will look like. They looked wonderful! We can not wait to start making these on Monday.

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  • EYFS Maths

    Published 10/10/23

    Reception have been working hard in their Maths lessons this week! We have been counting using magic wands and careful counting fingers.  We are even mastering the skill of subitising where we see the number of objects with eyes like magic!

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  • Makaton sign of the week - There

    Published 10/10/23


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