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GREAT ways to wellbeing - Refugee Week


As a school, as part of our GREAT ways to wellbeing, we have focused on Refugee Week. During this week, it allowed us to reflect on how other children may be feeling if they have had to flee their country to find safety. As a school, we recognised that as part of British values, the rule of law, we need to make sure that everyone who comes to our school feels safe and secure in education. Each year group have spent time reflecting on how they would show compassion - this year's theme - to refugees. This was done by watching videos, sharing different recipe ideas and making welcome posters and bunting. Reception children verbally shared how they will show compassion: "Tell them all about our country." "Give them a hug and know we like them." "Show them where things are like shops." and if you pop into our reception foyer, you will see some fantastic bunting, acknowledging that refugees would feel welcomed and safe at our school.