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Year One Experience Days

Year One have had a fantastic two experience days as part of their English lessons. We have been reading, “Last Stop On Market Street,” which involves the main character, CJ, getting on a bus to a destination.

The children had fun using the school minibus to role play a bus ride. They handed in their tickets to the conductor and found their seats. They fastened seat belts and talked about safety when travelling, and called out the various stops along the imaginary journey.

The children used bikes to follow routes and practiced stopping at traffic signals. They drew routes and maps cars to follow and used directional language to follow and give instructions.

The next experience day, the children took part in drama and hot seating activities to meet and get to know the various people travelling on a bus. The children thought of open questions to find out as much as possible about each character. We used some props and special objects to help us. These were handed to the characters, and they generated questions as to who this person was and why he/she was carrying such an object.

Well done Year One!