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What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Omegle #WakeupWednesday



We will regularly share free online safety guides provided by National Online Safety (NOS) as this is part of our commitment to keeping all children and families safe online. 

This week the focus of our #WakeupWednesday is - What Parents Need to Know About Omegle. Whilst this is blocked at school, we have been notified that some primary aged children in the local Dudley area have viewed inappropriate material on this site at home, so we thought it important to share information.  These sites also offer further information about Omegle: 

Helpful advice for families:

  • Ask your child what websites they are accessing 
  • Check your child’s device history  
  • Ask your child if they are using any live chat apps 
  • Don’t mention Omegle directly as we don’t want to signpost it to the children if they are not aware of it. 
  • If your child tells you that they have been on Omegle – please ask them about it to find out more
  • Check for apps and their age restriction 
  • Look for apps that allow any sort of live chat and remove them from their phone
  • Block Omegle in your security settings on your child’s device