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Young Carers Action Day

On the 11th March, we raised awareness for Young Carers Action Day. We did this through a whole school assembly, discussing and sharing what some children in this country have to do when they get home from school. This year, the focus for young carers is ‘Fair Futures for Young Carers’. 

The children were able to identify which of our school values young carers show and what British Values it also shows. Children then spent time during GREAT ways to well-being reflecting on what life is like for a young carer.

One child was so inspired from our whole school that they wrote a poem:


Young Carers

Young carers work too hard,

They have to pick up all of the leftover card,

From the food they eat to the clothes they wear,

The young carers always care.


They do the washing up,

And pour drinks into their cup,

They’re trying to do the best they can,

And are always cooking on a pan.


This is why we are floating like a bird,

To help spread the word.


Freya Tarrant