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Playground House Champions and Pastoral Mentor

Playground House Champions

The Playground Pals are an important part of our school life. Children apply to be a Playground Pal House Champion and are responsible for organising games and activities for other children to take part in at lunchtime alongside a specialist sports coach ensuring that there is always plenty to do! They also make sure that any children who sometimes can’t find anyone to play with have the opportunity to join in with their games. There is no need to be lonely at Lapal!

This is a successful initiative in school – pupils input has ensured that there is purposeful engagement at lunch times and our children genuinely appreciate the opportunity to take part in the organised activities. The Pals themselves are also learning and developing important life skills.

Pastoral mentor

Our pastoral mentor works across school. They ensure that day to day children get on well together. As we know sometimes children don’t always see things the same way so the job of the pastoral mentor is to mediate between the parties involved and find a resolution to the problem. Our pastoral mentor works across the lunch hour, to ensure there is always a familiar face and someone the children can talk to at lunchtimes.