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To begin our day, the children looked closely at a number of clues and predicted what our new class text could be about. We thought that it may involve detectives because we noticed a torch and a magnifying glass. We were right! Our new text was a comic was about two alligators who worked together to solve mysteries. We read a little bit of the comic together, it's called "Investigators" By John Patrick Green. We laughed along with some of the funny jokes and puns.

We worked together as a class team to plan our own story to present as a comic. This afternoon, we started to put our comic together on Book Creator. The children are so proud of their work, they would love for you to take a look! There is also a copy in the Key Stage One and Key Stage Two library.

Click below to see our amazing work.

WBD - Comic Strip
Download PDF • 917KB

A really super day. The children worked incredibly well as part of a team. We are really, really proud of them!! Well done everyone.

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