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3R Class Assembly

On Friday, 3R performed for their parents and families in a class assembly, showcasing the knowledge and skills that they have developed over the year so far.

There was a range of learning demonstrated during the assembly, which included some reflections and a quiz for parents around Bourneville and the Cadbury family. The children performed some German greetings and counted to 10 and then completed a cooking demonstration in the style of Ready, Steady, Cook! The children competed to make a dish in 3 minutes, which they learnt from their DT lessons. Our families then voted for the team they felt performed the best.

The children also performed a well known song on the glockenspiel that they learnt and perfected in their music lessons with our specialist teacher, Mrs Wootton. The children did a brilliant job and Mr Rizzo was really proud of each and everyone of the children.

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