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Using the GREAT ways to wellbeing, we have considered different ways in which we can relate to other people, in particular,  how we can choose our words wisely and how to be kind to ourselves and to others. 

One of the ways in which we have done this is through a mindful exercise called ‘Mirror’. This short exercise uses our imagination to see our self in a mirror; seeing our ‘best self’, imagining our smile and facial expressions as well as thinking about the sensations that we feel when we experience positive feelings. Our wellbeing time and mindful moments are helping us to reflect upon our feelings and emotions.  

In 5G, we have also shared some fantastic 'reviews' which parents and loved ones have written about us. The children really enjoyed sharing these with their peers. These special messages made us feel valued, appreciated and loved.

We have also celebrated individual achievements during lockdown and since we have come back to school. In particular, one of our class mates, shared that she has joined a Girl's Football team and received the Girl of the Match trophy. 

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Reception Intake 2020 - Welcome to Lapal

Reception Intake 2020 - Welcome to Lapal

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