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Anne Frank Workshop

Today Year 5 and 6 have been part of a workshop based around Anne Frank, which touches on lots of different themes and topics that are relevant today.

The children have been exploring the meaning of prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination and have looked at the story of Anne Frank and what happened to her along with 6 million other Jews during WW2, all because they were discriminated against by one person with extreme views. The children have explored what happened to the Jews in terms of them losing their privileges and the ill treatment of them, allowing pupils to explore feelings associated with this treatment.

Following this, the children explored in more detail about prejudice and discrimination today, looking at topics such as gender equality and Islamophobia. Each of these areas were discussed in simplistic, age appropriate way, looking at how prejudice is received by these groups. To finish, the children discussed about how prejudice and discrimination is spread and where it comes from, and looked at challenging and respecting opinions, being a respectful person and how to stand up against hate, prejudice and discrimination.

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