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Evening with Santa

Earlier this week, we held our traditional Christmas evening for the children in EYFS and Key Stage One.

The children returned to school dressed in their pyjamas and slippers ready for the evening, some children even brought their favourite teddy bear along with them. Once inside their cosy classrooms, the children enjoyed chocolate milk and cookies as they listened to a Christmas story read by their teacher.

After a while, the children heard bells ringing in the corridor and immediately realised that they were about to be joined by a very special visitor. When Santa Claus entered our classrooms, the children cheered and gave him the warmest welcome. In true Lapal style, the children sang jingle bells and Santa joined in too. He spoke to the children about what they would like for Christmas before he jumped on his sleigh and headed back to the North Pole. The children were thrilled with their little gift from Santa.

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