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EYFS - RH Visit to Woodgate Valley

As part of our new topic, Why Do Squirrel's Hide Their Nuts, Reception visited Woodgate Valley to observe seasonal change in our local environment.

We discussed if the area was a town or woodland, using our senses to explore and identify features. Some children heard the motorway, others noticed their was a strong smell of manure.

The children collected items that were special to them, showing curiosity about unknown objects including wild blackberries and streams. We splashed in puddles, stamped in mud and played pooh sticks on a bridge.

We were keen to find out if our original schema, that all trees loose their leaves in autumn was true, discovering that deciduous trees lose their leaves but evergreen retain their leaves year round. 

Miss Hopkins was so proud of the children's confidence, following of safety instructions and willingness to have a go in a new environment. Well done, superstars!

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