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Free Half Term Dance Performance

Same, Same … But Different

Sonia Sabri Company

Free Dance Performance at Halesowen Library

Wednesday 23rd February 2022

2.30pm in Caslon Hall

It is a fun, lively, culturally diverse and highly accessible show that celebrates individuality, diversity and the bonds which connect us all. The title comes from an Anglo-Asian phrase meaning "Yes, something kind of similar, but not the exact same thing”.

There are three dancers from different ethnic backgrounds and genders who perform using highly physical dance styles with different props and instruments like guitar, bells, ribbons. Their three styles of dancing, Kathak (an Indian classical dance form), contemporary dance and hip hop / beatbox appeal to both boys and girls and are exciting for young children to see, especially when they may not have seen live dance before.

Ideal event for families

For more information/tickets contact Halesowen Library 01384 812980

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