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Mental Health Week in EYFS & KS1

This week is children's mental health week and in EYFS, we have been attempting to 'find our brave' by trying different activities and challenges we may not have experienced before using the 100 things to do before you're 6 list. We have rolled down a grassy hill, done the hockey cokey, learnt a poem and hopped like a bunny. 

The children noticed that completing these activities made them feel really happy and hope to continue to check off items from the list at home with their families. Click here to see the list.

Also this week, year 2 have been celebrating children's mental health week, following the theme of 'Find your Brave.' We started by talking about times when we have been brave and then we started to think about all of the brave characters that we have come across in books that we have read. Here are some of our ideas: 

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