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Nepal Focus Week

We started off our week with an exciting whole school, virtual assembly this morning, where Mrs Atkinson shared photos and information about her visit to Nepal back in 2019.

As some of you may be aware, we worked hard as a school to support the charity, Classrooms in the Clouds. In November 2018, all pupils and staff of Lapal, completed a sponsored walk, which was equivalent to the height of Everest and we held a Christmas raffle to raise funds to help build classrooms in the remote parts of Nepal. Mrs Atkinson also completed a sky dive in March 2019 to raise further funds towards this fantastic cause. Together we managed to raise a staggering £4,088, which was an incredible amount and it went far in support of this charity.

This morning in assembly, I shared some of my experiences with the children, showing them photos and videos of some of the amazing things I encountered like Mount Everest, the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu and pure beauty of the physical geography that spans across Nepal. During the rest of the week, we are having a whole school focus on Nepal, learning about key geographical concepts and making comparisons with life in the UK. The teachers have planned some wonderful activities, so be prepared to hear all about the exciting things your children will learn about Nepal.

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