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Our Reading Inspiration

One of our inspiring pupils has been amazing us with his dedication, passion and enthusiasm for reading.

Inspired by some of the work we have completed in school, he has arranged and organised his own home library with a range of different authors and texts, developing a deep knowledge and repertoire of children's literature.

He also became an expert player at Author Tennis, naming a wide range of authors, based on the titles of different books.

Check out his skills in the video below and see how many different authors can you name? Can you beat our expert tennis player?

Our superstar reader has also been participating in Book Brags with his class and has been bragging about a recent experience of his linked to Alan Garner's 'Weirdstone of Brisingamen' which is based around Alderley Edge in Cheshire. He was fascinated with the vivid descriptions of the caves that he took a trip there with his book and his family, so he could immerse himself in the whole experience. It is so wonderful to see how books can be brought to life.

What an inspiration and wonderful role model, making him an excellent ambassador for reading. Well done.

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