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Supporting Reading at Home

Following our research project around reading for pleasure this year, we wanted to continue keep the profile of developing a love of reading as a high priority during this period of home learning. So to keep things simple, we wanted to share three core ways to foster readers through:

  • Reading aloud  

  • Time to read as a family   

  • Book chat.

So  ‘just relax and read’. Time and space to hear stories, read and talk informally about what we’re all reading is key to developing and sustaining a love of reading.

We want to share these resources with you as we feel that due to the current circumstances, this is an opportunity to help build stronger family reading cultures and making more of a difference to young people’s life chances. We welcome you to use these ideas to support your child when reading at home.

Some recommended top ten read alouds for 3-7 year olds:

Click here so you can also find additional support around:

  • Reading aloud to children: 7 steps to Make it Magical

  • 'Can we read it again?' - Why re-reading matters

  • Supporting book talk remotely

Watch out for Bookchat videos, modelling book blether and other ideas to support readers coming soon!

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