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Thank you

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff and Children

This week our school community have embraced our school values, in particular those of perseverance, kindness, and cooperation. We have an amazing team of staff at Lapal, who have worked hard to keep life as normal as possible for the children who have had to remain in school. Thank you all for your support and being ‘Team Lapal’ as always.

Parents and carers, thank you for your continued understanding. Many of you have emailed or spoken to us to offer kind words of support, this has kept us going this week knowing that you understand the difficulties with which we have been faced.

Children you have also been amazing, you have continued to work hard for your teachers, have shown maturity and most importantly demonstrated kindness. Many of you have had lots of questions, some of which we have been able to answer, others we haven’t. I know yesterday was particularly difficult for our Year 6 children, I promise that whatever happens you will not move on in your school journey without us marking this occasion.

Each week we will continue to post activities on our website for you to complete at home in order to continue with your learning. There will be maths, English, topic and physical activities for you to have a go at. Make sure you balance this time with looking after your wellbeing, learn a new skill such as gardening or sewing, sing, dance, paint, read, play board games and enjoy cuddles. Enjoy the extra time you will have with your family and be good for those who are looking after you.

Although, for the moment, our school closed to the vast majority of you yesterday we will continue to keep in touch. If, in the coming weeks, you find that you need support or have specific concerns, please use our school email address and we will endeavour to answer your questions or signpost you to the right service.  Where possible, please continue to stay at home and follow guidance from the government in order to reduce the spread of this virus.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best at this uncertain time. Look after yourselves, cherish your precious children and stay positive. I hope to see you all back at Lapal very soon, safe and well.

Love to you all

Mrs Turner xxxxx

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