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TT Rockstars Battle Result

Our TT Rockstars battle with Woodside Primary School ended at 3.20pm today. 

The final score was: 

Woodside: 288, 925 

Lapal: 276, 459

Although we have not been in the same building, you all came together this week. You have all worked extremely hard as part of a team throughout our TT Rockstars battle with Woodside Primary School and all of your teachers are very proud of you. We were blown away when we saw the leaderboard, our scores have never been so high! 

Well done to everyone that played this week, you all worked to help your class work their way up the leaderboard and scored lots of points for our school. 

A big well done to all of the classes who made it in to the top ten: 4H, 5G, 2G, 4W, 3D and 6C. Nineteen classes took part in this extremely competitive battle so you did incredibly well to make it into the top 10. A special well done to 2G, the only Key Stage One class in the top ten!

The biggest well done of all goes to our Rockstars in 4H. You scored an astonishing 84, 666 points! 

There is a certificate on its way to you, you should receive this after half term. 

Thank you all for taking part! Give your maths brains a good break and keep your eye out for the next battle. 

Well done!

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