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UK Parliament Week at Lapal

This week, we are celebrating UK Parliament week at Lapal to make our pupils aware of the purpose and impact of parliament, debating, campaigning and voting on different topics and issues.

Our focus during this week will be to campaign as a school to make a positive impact on children's mental health, by introducing a mental health area on our schools grounds to further support the mental health of children at Lapal. We will be debating, campaigning and balloting on the area we feel will benefit our mental health at Lapal and the idea with the most votes will be set up as a result of our own campaigns.

Look out for further posts this week, detailing the different ideas we will be developing as a school to support our campaign to reduce mental health issues in children.

About UK Parliament Week

UK Parliament Week is a special time when people all over the United Kingdom take part in fun activities to:

learn about how the UK Parliament works,

ask big questions,

think critically and

debate the issues that are important to them!

Our school, alongside thousands of other schools, museums, libraries, scout groups, girl guides and faith communities is part of a UK wide conversation about our democracy and our UK Parliament.

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