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We're Back!

We are delighted to finally have the Lapal family back together and to hear the school one again filled with laughter and the sound of our children's voices has brought joy to us all.

The children have been utterly brilliant in adapting to the changes that have been put in place at school and have approached this with such maturity. This has allowed them to settle superbly in to their new classrooms with their new teachers. We are very proud of them all. We know that this positive start has been supported by you as parents, through preparing and talking to your children, sharing our school power points and offering reassurance at a time when you may have felt anxious yourselves – thank you.

We would like to say a special welcome to our new pupils and parents who have now started full time at Lapal. We all hope that you will be very happy here.

As always, we will continue to share all of the wonderful things that the children are doing in school so you can see how happy and settled they all are and to see what exciting things they are learning.

Thank you again for your continued support.

The Lapal Team

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