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Weekly Update - 12.06.20

Dear Parents/Carers,

The year 6 children have had another good week in school, they are settled and have been working hard. We are also looking forward to welcoming back children from reception and year 1 next week, I only wish, that as a country, we were in a position to welcome back all of our children and see their smiling faces once again.

We know that the announcement made on Tuesday that the Government has dropped their plans to get every child back to school before the summer will have left many of you feeling upset, frustrated and anxious.  Please be reassured that every day we are trying to think of new and creative ways of getting more children back in to school, but the reality is we don't have the capacity while social distancing measures are so strict. Even if we were provided with further accommodation, we currently have all available teaching staff in class full time - either working with the year groups selected by the government or with key worker children.

I know that you will have the same worries that I do about my own children, thinking about their absence from school and being without their friends, but I trust that their school will put in to place what is needed on their return, as we will do for your children. We also understand that as the week’s progress for some of you it becomes harder to motivate your children and get them to complete their home learning tasks. We are keen to keep in touch and although we are not able to offer live lessons, class teacher's will be calling everyone again who is not in school to check how things are going.

For those of you signed up to google classrooms you will see we have trialled using the assignments tab this week. When you view the home learning projects for the week ahead you will see that we will be using this function increasingly in order to provide a bank of support materials for your child in order for them to complete a given task. They will also be able to share work directly with their teacher and receive individual feedback rather than posting to the whole class. Furthermore, we have broken the home learning projects down in to daily tasks, please don’t worry if you don’t stick rigidly to the days, this is just to help break down the learning in to small steps and spread the coverage across the week. Home learning projects can be found either on the school website under individual year group tabs or on google classrooms.

You may not have been aware before lockdown that Mrs Rizzo (and Mr Rizzo) are expecting their second child. Mrs Rizzo will commence her maternity leave at the end of next week. We look forward to seeing a photo of the new arrival and wish them all the very best.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Kind regards

Mrs Turner

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