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Y2 School Values

The children in year two have spent a lot of time reflecting on our school values: Perseverance, excellence, cooperation, kindness and honesty. We have been thinking about how we demonstrate these values both inside of school and outside of school. We shared lots of examples such as helping parents at home, making sure we include friends at playtime and always trying our best.

We also discussed how these values shine through books that we have read and films that we have seen. For example, Matilda demonstrates excellence because always tries her best and pushes herself to achieve her potential. Even though others don’t always believe in her, she believes in herself. Miss Honey demonstrates kindness towards Matilda and all of the other children in her class too.

The Disney Pixar film Finding Nemo is a fantastic example of perseverance. For example, when the fish are caught in the net and Nemo swims in and encourages them all to swim down. He repeats the phrase ‘Just keep swimming…’ until the fish eventually break free.

You can see some of these examples in the posters that we have created.

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