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Year 2 - Hot Seating

Later this week, our year two children will be writing a newspaper report about the Titanic disaster. In preparation for our writing, we stepped into role. We read several eyewitness accounts and soaked up as much of the information as we could. We wrote questions that we would like to ask each of the survivors: Did you ever go on a boat again? Did you feel the ship hit the iceberg? Did you have any family members with you on the ship? Did they survive too? How did that make you feel? When did you know you were going to be ok? What were you thinking about while you were in the lifeboat? How did you feel when you saw people jumping off the ship into the water?

Then we stepped into role. Each of the survivors sat in our hot seat and we asked our questions. Each survivor answered the questions really well, in great detail.

Well done, year two!

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