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Year 2 - Super Scientists

In Science this week, year two had a problem to solve. Toby had been out to play with his friends and he got soaking wet! We decided we needed to help him to make an umbrella. We wondered which material would be the best to use.

To begin with, we sorted and classified a range of materials and discussed whether we thought that they would be suitable for an umbrella or not and why. We used vocabulary such as: waterproof, absorbent, water resistant, transparent, opaque, flexible and strong.

We put one of Toby's socks in a cup to keep it safe and we put the material over the cup to complete our test. We tested different materials: cardboard, paper, wood, plastic and metal. After our investigation, we decided that the plastic was waterproof, flexible and strong so would be the most suitable material for Ted's umbrella.

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