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Year 4 Sparks Visit.

Yesterday year 4 had a visit from Blue Watch from Haden Cross fire station. All of the children became fire experts, they learnt how quickly a fire can start and fast it can spread. They also understood the importance of checking smoke alarms regularly and where to best place them around the home.

Looking more specifically at homes, they looked at how to escape a fire when it could start in different places around the home. Preventing the fire is also key, so the children could also identify hazards and the best way to avoid a fire starting.

Finally, they all know who to call if ever in danger and what information they need to share. If the worst ever happens and they were to catch fire, they know to stop, drop and roll as modelled by Miss Holmes and Miss Wilding. 

As part of their service, Haden Cross offer Safe and Well visits, which are an important part of their prevention activity. These visits enable them to advise and educate on safety at home, with a particular focus on some of the most vulnerable residents in our community.

If you would like to book a visit for your home visit:


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