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Year 6 - Recommended Reads

In year 6, we have had lots of discussion around reading a wider variety of authors and how well-known authors aren't always the only authors to go for. Children in the class are very passionate about reading and have been talking to their teacher about who they are reading.

As a result, they have copied and displayed some of the book covers that the children are currently reading and have written reviews of the books, trying to encourage their peers to read it. 

On their class 'Bookflix' display they have put together a section for:

"If you are reading.... J.K. Rowling, David Walliams or Jacqueline Wilson, you will enjoy..."

and have put some less familiar authors in the pockets as suggested authors who may be similar to those they have read. Inside are the covers of recommended reads with the blurb on the back to try and entice children to try a different author.

The children in this class are working really hard to develop a reading community within their classroom and beyond, promoting their passion for reading for pleasure.

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